Using Warm Paint Colors to Brighten up a Dull Season

There comes a point each winter when we all start to feel like kids on a long car ride; “Are we there yet?” And, of course, nature responds, “Spring will get here when it gets here!” So, what can we do to make this time more pleasant, to help us sit back and enjoy the ride? Interior painting!

During these winter months, we all spend a lot of time indoors, and those walls can start to feel a little ordinary, routine, drab, or dull. That’s why we suggest using some warm paint colors to liven up the interior of your home.

Should I Paint the Whole Room? Won’t That Be Too Much?

How much of a warm color you should use depends on the color you choose, and on the room. If the color is really bold, you might want to use it on just one wall, as an accent wall. This popular method is easy and inexpensive, and it changes the feel of the room without dominating the space. Another idea is to use the color on two opposing walls, and leave the other two walls more of a neutral color.

Photo by Patterson Custom Homes

If you have wainscoting or chair rail, you could do your warm color on the upper portions of the wall, and something cooler or more neutral on the bottom portion.

However, if the warm paint color you choose is on the milder side (or if you like to walk on the wilder side!), you can definitely do the whole room with that hue.

What Are the Warm Colors?

Yellow, red, and orange are the most basic warm colors, but there is a vast variety that stems from these three. Pink, maroon, orange-red, yellow-orange, sunflower, peach, sunset… the list is endless. Trust us, the warm colors go far beyond what you see on traffic lights and construction cones!

Additionally, there are cool colors that have warm undertones to them. For example, some greens have a strong yellow base, there are blues that have a vibrant warmth to them, and some purples have warm yellow. Colors that have an enlivening, warming effect can be found all over the spectrum!

House Painting Advice and Help

If you are thinking about using interior paint to brighten up your home this winter, A.G. Williams Painting would be delighted to help you. We offer professional color consultation services to help you choose the perfect arrangement of colors that will add value and cheer to your home. Of course, we also offer interior painting services to help you put those designs into effect!

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