What Exactly Are Our Concrete Floor Coatings, and Why Are They the Best?

As our concrete coating division has grown, we’ve been flooded with questions from NY and CT homeowners. This is especially the case on social media where it’s so quick and easy to leave a comment or share a message. We love it!

Today we thought we’d share a few common questions and misconceptions, just to help you better understand our unique floor coating system.

If yours made the list, we hope this is educational! If you still have some grey areas, please feel free to contact us directly to chat more about what we offer.

Addressing Common Concrete Coating Questions and Concerns

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#1: Our system is a polyurea system: true or false?

Well, it’s half true! Penntek coatings have a polyurea base, and a polyaspartic topcoat. This delivers the best of both the polyurea and polyaspartic worlds, creating a truly unique floor coating with exceptional benefits. 

#2: Our coatings are thin!

Yes, but that’s not bad! This is achieved in part by the fact that our polyurea base is applied directly to the concrete. This creates a thinner system as a whole, and also an incredible chemical bond. The adhesion is amazing, and that’s what you want (4x stronger than epoxy!).

#3: Our system will yellow over time: true or false?

Definitely false! Our base coat is not UV-stable, but our polyaspartic topcoat is. And that’s what matters. So never fear – you have a system that offers full protection against discoloration or yellowing. 

#4: Polyaspartic coatings bond better: true or false?

False! Polyaspartic coatings don’t bond directly to the concrete like polyurea does – that’s why we use the polyurea base and the polyaspartic topcoat. Is this a little technical? Absolutely, but we want you to know your floors and ALL your options.

#5: Our floor coatings won’t hide any surface blemishes: true or false?

Definitely false. Our coatings will mask your floor’s deficiencies, but even more importantly, if there’s a problem with the surface we’ll do all we can to fix it. We start by filling and mending cracks and damage, then grinding it all smooth. We’ll never just hide a problem, but will always be honest with you about the condition of your floor and the best steps to take for the most fantastic results.

It Pays To Know Your Floor Coatings!

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There’s a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation swirling around. We’d rather be upfront and transparent, helping you to make the most educated choice possible for your home.

Have a question? Let us know! The Floor Coatings by A.G. Williams team is here to help.