How Can Paint Color Affect Your Work Space?

Everyone has favorite colors. Walk into any home – it’s easy to notice a homeowner’s preferences! But, WHY are we drawn to specific hues and shades? Colors affect our daily lives more than we might realize. They invoke a plethora of emotions, and while that might seem inconsequential, it can absolutely affect productivity, health and happiness. 

Biologically, colors have meaning to people. For example, green is almost always used to market something natural or organic because most foliage in nature is green. The association is so innately understood, it will most likely never change. Symbolism of color exists across the board and can subconsciously result in color-motivated behavior. Interior designers and real estate agents certainly take this into account when working with clients. If you own a business or office space, it could be worth your consideration as well.

Color Energy for Your Office Space

If you could boost the energy of your workspace in a positive and productive way, wouldn’t you? Let’s take a deeper dive into color options and how their potential effect on the workspace:


Studies have found that red increases heart rate and blood flow. If your employees are engaging in a lot of physical activity and/or need to stay alert, this would be your productivity color. However, if used in excess, it can cause aggression and competitiveness.


Mimicking a wide, open sky, blue is a go-to color for a serene atmosphere. It evokes a generally happy and calming feeling. It is often used in doctor’s offices to soothe patients. If the nature of your business is high-stress, blue can act as an equalizer, helping to keep your employees happy and positive.


Black is commonly accepted for authority and power. A black belt, for example, is used to show the highest level in martial arts! The same goes for the office. Black also has a mysterious and elegant essence to it which can be very tasteful. However, if used without care, black can invoke feelings of intimidation.


Any workspace painted white will look more spacious and open. White symbolizes balance and neutrality and it naturally brings a lightness to the atmosphere. However, there is a fine line between a pure and clean quality and that of being boring or clinical. One trick to avoid the latter is to use warmer, softer shades of white.


Orange spreads friendly, cheerful, and youthful feelings! It is your productivity color for communication. Orange can help keep employees in a positive and happy mindset about their work and life, while encouraging discussion.


Yellow brings optimism, self-esteem, and happiness to the table. Yellow is your learning productivity color. It’s stimulating essence inspires creativity and innovation. While it invokes hunger for information, the downside is that it can also invoke, well….hunger. So, use sparingly!


As mentioned before, green symbolizes nature which is under the umbrella of well-being! Green is a fantastic color choice for relaxing, self-care spaces or those surrounding finances.


Tip: if you’re going to use gray, use it as an accent to another color. While very common and neutral, gray can be a very mundane, and even depressing backdrop to your workspace. 

There are many more colors out there to choose from (romantic pink, luxury purple etc.), but the bottom line is that color is effective. If chosen wisely, they can boost your workflow and company culture to its full potential. So, use with intentionality and caution!

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