Best Floor Coating for Your Home Gym!

Looking for a way to make the concrete floors in your home gym safe, attractive, and damage resistant? At AG Williams we offer specialized, durable, and beautiful polyurea floor coatings installed by professionals. This floor system is used in garages, commercial kitchens, loading docks… It can definitely handle your barbells and exercise machines!

As a quick, real-life example, we coated a floor for a personal trainer who reconditioned part of his garage.  Look at the before and after. What an amazing change!  This is a great way to make a room feel brighter, bigger, and cleaner.

Our process is detailed and thorough: we grind down the concrete, fill any cracks, lay down a primer, broadcast the chips, and finish with a top coat. You won’t recognise your floor when we’re finished with it! 

So, aside from the looks and performance, why else is a polyurea floor coating the right pick for your gym?

Quick Install

If you are looking to procrastinate, polyurea floor coating won’t help with that! You’ll be back in your gym and resuming your exercise routine within 24 hours. This floor coating also has a low odor, much like a freshly painted room, so you can accomplish yoga breathing with confidence.

Resist Impact

This concrete floor coating is great for your home gym because it resists damage. It doesn’t tear easily like linoleum or have to be repainted every year. It resists chemicals, scratches, dents, and tears, with performance often lasting far beyond the 15-year warranty.

Clean Underfoot

It’s important for your gym floor to be clean because you want to keep dust and dirt off your expensive machinery. You also want your bare feet to stay clean while you complete your pilates routine. Polyurea floor coating is easily kept clean with a duster, a sponge, and warm soapy water – much easier to clean than concrete.

If you want a floor coating to last and look gorgeous at the same time, call us for an estimate today! We look forward to hearing from you.