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Garages, Basements, and Patios. What Can We Coat? Anything Concrete.

Concrete Floor Coatings for Westchester, Fairfield, Putnam, Dutchess, and Rockland Counties

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Safe and Reliable

Safe and Reliable

Enjoy a slip-resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial surface

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

Keep your space pristine and tidy with an easy to mop floor

Durable Long-Lasting Finish

Durable Long-Lasting Finish

Guaranteed to last longer than big-box epoxy coating kits


No one wants to spend time in a room with a dirty and ugly-looking concrete floor.

The reason people are using this is they want to pull into their CLEAN and organized garage floor. It is transforming a once cluttered and dirty floor into a space they can use for all sorts of things: man-cave, storing old cars, motorcycles, yoga studios, workout room, etc.

Next-Day Walk-On Ready  // Residential Warranty

We Make it Easy to Get Your New Floor

  • 1. Get a Quote

    Start the conversation with a free, no-commitment-necessary quote from one of our professionals. 

  • 2. Quick Installation

    Set up a date and time that works for you. Our team will make sure that your project is done to your specifications and within your timeframe. 

  • 3. Enjoy Your Space

    A new floor can transform a space and give it new life. It's time to make the change --you deserve it. 

We Know the Recipe for Professional Service

We’ve been serving homeowners in the New York city area since 1906.

Trustworthy people

We are fully insured, 100% background-checked, full-time employees, and have a crew leader on-site to ensure good communication with the client. So you never have to worry about liability or safety.

Premium product

Not all floor coverings are the same! Our multi-layer coating is 4X more potent than traditional epoxy flooring, and a product warranty is included with every installation.

Take the time to do the job right

We prepare the surface, repair cracks and damage beforehand, and apply the coating evenly. We have a project management process that works, and we do the job right the first time.

Not all floor coatings are the same!

Make sure you understand the difference between epoxy floor coatings and the polyurea floor coatings that A.G. Williams installs.

Do It Yourself

Life expectancy: 1-2 years

Your typical DIY epoxy floor kit from the big box store costs less, but besides the time you have to spend, there are other significant trade-offs.

Short life span

Can pit, crack, or peel

Less durable

Can look cheap

Professional Epoxy

Life expectancy: Less than 10 years

There are some situations where epoxy floor coating makes sense, especially in large commercial settings, but it's generally not ideal for residential applications. Epoxy can be a good short-term paint solution.

5 to 6 day cure time

Can pit, crack, or peel

Strong odor

Could yellow over time

Professional Polyurea

Life expectancy: 20+ years

Polyurea requires professional equipment and proper surface preparation but results in a far superior floor surface in the end. Polyurea is the best option for a permanent floor solution.


Long lifespan


Rapid cure


Extremely durable


Anti-microbial & anti-bacterial


Beautiful, customizable appearance

"I was mesmerized when I saw the finished product. Your guys really hit this one out of the ballpark.“

Johnny, Carmel NY

Concrete Floor Coating

For just about any application




Choosing the cheap product may cost more in the long run

Many people are tempted to try the cheap DIY floor coating solution from a big box home improvement store, but epoxy floor coatings installed by an inexperienced person can cause damage to your floor and be a lot bigger hassle in the long run.

We make it easy with 1.5-day installations by a crew that knows exactly what they're doing, and we guarantee the product won't fail. That way, you can start using your space in no time.

The Most Reliable Floor Coating Product on the Market

Beautiful & Maintenance Free

Garages are used for parking, storage, and so much more -- you're in this room daily! Transforming this utility space into a finished but durable room enhances your homeownership. Plus, clean-up is a snap! A broom and/or mop is all that's needed to keep the flooring like new.

Oil, Gas, and Pet Proof

Garages see A LOT of traffic, including cars, motorcycles, lawn equipment, kids, and pets. Our garage floor coating system is exceptionally durable, with resistance to chemicals, abrasions, and impacts. Our multi-layer coating is 4X more potent than traditional epoxy flooring, and a product warranty is included with every installation.

Extends Your Living Space

Whether you're disposing of trash in the garbage containers or working on your next project, it's a fact of life that garages are very active rooms. Garage floor coatings keep feet clean and pet's paws free of filth, transforming the way you use this space. Many homeowners end up painting their walls/ceiling once we've installed their custom garage floor!

"AG Williams has transformed our garage floor and hands down, it has turned out to be one of best home improvement decisions we have ever made. Wow, what an impact it has made. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to transform their garage floor. I am very pleased with the end result, the difference is like night and day. To be honest, the quality, look and feel of the floor are even better than I had expected. I am now receiving compliments about my garage floor on a constant basis. Thank you AG Williams! This is my go to company for all paint and flooring jobs."

Mustafa E.

"I had my garage floor done with a process that only A.G. Williams had invented. They were professional and service oriented throughout the whole process. I will be recommending this company and team to all of my neighbors and friends. What a beautiful job! Love my new floor! Awesome job!"

Jean S.

"This company cares about its customers. We've received great comments about the garage floor coating from friends and family. I look forward to enjoying this investment for many, many years to come!"

Chris L.

Ridgefield, CT

"A.G. Williams installed the coating system on my 37 year old garage floor. Their 3-man team was terrific. They were on-time, neat, showed an attention to detail, cured all of the floor's imperfections and answered all of my questions during the install process. I would highly recommend A.G. Williams for floor coating."

Andrew L.


 "We were extremely satisfied with the work they did! Everything was spotless everyday before they left, and they were a pleasure to have around."

Michelle R.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know More About Polyurea Concrete Coatings

It’s easy to mistake it for epoxy when you look at the finished product, but the application, curing time, and specific benefits are unique. We do still offer epoxy systems, but polyurea is a totally different option.

Our mission is to find the perfect floor system to match your needs, long-term goals, and budget. That might be polyurea, or it could be epoxy. We’ll help you pick the right option after a complimentary consultation.

One of the best! Our multi-layer coating is 4X more potent than traditional epoxy flooring, and a product warranty is included with every installation.

It pays to coat your floor the right way! Cheap, do-it-yourself systems (or improperly installed epoxy) typically fail within a couple of years. You also have possible moisture content issues stacked against you (it’s a bigger problem than most people realize in New York and Connecticut). Even if you invest in a really good product, if it isn’t installed just right with moisture blocking steps taken, your coating can run into trouble pretty quickly.

Our polyurea floor coatings, on the other hand, come backed by a 15-year product warranty. We’ll check your moisture content too, and use a moisture blocking product to ensure the best performance and longevity possible.

Yes, estimates are absolutely necessary. Every floor is unique, and we’re committed to the total success of your project. That means that we need to come and evaluate the age, nature, and condition of the space, take measurements, and perform both a concrete moisture and hardness test. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and the price can vary drastically based on a specific set of factors.

We'll also use the time to help you design your project, walk you through any additional considerations, choose a color, and provide you with a written proposal during our visit.

Yes! A radiant heat system is no issue at all.

Well, it depends. This is another example of why an in-person estimate is so important. We fill standard cracks and gaps with a specialized concrete mender, but there are definitely circumstances where more in-depth repair work needs to be done. We won’t tell you we can coat the floor unless we’re certain of the integrity of the outcome.

Yes, our system is for concrete surfaces only. But, that’s a bit more versatile than you might think. If you have a carpeted basement, for example, there’s going to be concrete underneath. Probably under that 1980s linoleum, too. Tear out the old and you’re ready to install the new. Every situation is a little different, so be sure to contact us for more details and to see if it’s a project we can help with.

You’re going to love this. Our floors are virtually maintenance-free, only needing light cleaning now and then. We recommend mopping it once per month to keep it looking like new.

Trust us, we get the appeal. And you’ve probably seen the do-it-yourself floor coating kits available at any big box hardware store. Here’s the deal: those floor coatings are not on the same level, and will simply NEVER provide the same durability and value. Our polyurea coating system is not even available for purchase by general consumers. This is a specialty product that requires trained installers with professional-grade equipment.

Your estimator will provide a firm timeline after reviewing your job scope in person, but most projects can be completed in 1-2 days. We have the installation process dialed in and down to a science.

In some environments, like auto body shops or commercial properties, your floor has to perform in a certain way and meet specific standards. We can help with that. As a homeowner, you might just want more from your floor, and from the space as a whole. Tired, dirty garages can be turned into attractive, organized workshops. Underutilized basements can become home gyms, craft rooms, or even home offices. See the potential, and then decide if a performance floor coating offers the benefits and motivation you need to make it happen.

Our coatings are slip resistant, not slip proof, but we can include additives for extra traction if necessary. Our team will review these options with you during the consultation.

Part of our prep process involves grinding your concrete floor. If you have epoxy already installed we will remove it when we prepare the floor, but this process doesn’t create any additional steps or problems.

Absolutely! We offer standard color blends for our chip systems, or you can customize your own (some people like to match them to their business’ brand, a favorite team, or maybe their alma mater).

Yes! The benefits of our polyurea system shine all the brighter in the great outdoors. In fact, many of our clients coat their concrete walkways, patios, front porches, and steps. It adds a beautiful touch to an otherwise bland surface, plus provides valuable protection.

Here are the top three benefits to keep in mind:

  • Durability - Unlike some coatings that turn brittle, polyurea is both strong and flexible.
  • Strong Bond - Polyurea actually fuses to your concrete, chemically bonding to the surface. If you can peel up our coatings, the concrete is going to be peeling up right along with it.
  • Adaptable - Thanks to the chemical reaction we mentioned above, polyurea cures quickly in a wide range of temperatures and is ready for use within just a day or two.

We sure can! Many of our clients use their new floor coating as a launching point as they totally rethink and refresh an indoor space. Basements are particularly popular. Your new floor coating adds a finished look and feel faster than really any other option, and is extremely easy to keep clean. Thanks to the quick curing time, polyurea floor coatings are also perfectly safe to install indoors all year round, giving off roughly the same smell as a freshly painted room.

Yes! All the benefits that homeowners find so attractive make our floor coatings an ideal solution for commercial applications as well. The system’s strength and longevity is critical, but so is the fast installation time - that makes all the difference for a busy commercial space that needs to get back to work quickly.

Here are just a few examples of the industries (and surfaces!) we’ve served:

  • Common hallways
  • Basement floors
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Warehouses
  • Dog kennels
  • Packaging plants
  • Loading docks
  • Utility rooms
  • …and more!

Your Floor
Deserves an Upgrade

A more functional, easier-to-clean, pristine-looking floor makes any space one of the best rooms in the house. Just to warn you, your neighbors will probably be jealous.