How To Paint an Open Floor Plan: Harmonizing Colors to Effect Interior Design

Open floor plans have gained ever-growing popularity in modern homes. They provide a spacious feel, let in more natural light, and create a more interactive environment. However, a major design challenge that many homeowners face with these layouts is striking the right balance: how do you maintain that sense of openness while still defining individual…

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Is Fall a Good Time to Take on an Exterior Painting Project in NY or CT?

As the vibrant colors and brisk air of autumn bring a fresh, new beauty to your community, it is only natural to want the same for your home. And what better way is there to celebrate that cozy fall feel than by freshening things up with a new coat of exterior paint? The only question…

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Does High-Quality Exterior Paint Really Matter?

When buying paint, we all know what it’s like to stare at the spectrum of price tags on a row of products that otherwise seem identical. The question inevitably comes to mind: “how much does the quality really matter?” While preferring lower cost over quality may be appropriate for some painting projects, exterior surfaces should…

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The Benefits of Regular Exterior Painting Maintenance

We all like to make a good first impression, right? That’s why when we step out of the door in the morning, we often try to look our best. But what about your home? Curb appeal really is just your home’s version of a first impression, on display for our neighborhood, our guests, and even…

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exterior painting in the fall

How To Choose Exterior Paint Colors in the Tri-State Area

If you’re planning a spring or summertime exterior repaint, this is a huge opportunity! Take your time and make the most of it. After all, when it comes to the curb appeal and long-term value of your home here in the tri-state area, few updates have more immediate impact than a fresh coat of paint.…

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How To Avoid House Painting Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Searching for ways to escape common painting mistakes? We did some of the work for you by compiling a list gathered from painting professionals. Take a look at what we found.

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