Maintaining Your Painted Cabinets: Show Your Kitchen Some Love this Season!

During the Valentine’s season, our thoughts often turn to ways we can show love to those around us. But what about our homes? Don’t they deserve some TLC too?  We think so! And what better way to care for the heart of your home than by keeping up with maintenance on your painted cabinets? These…

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2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends and Ideas

Have you ever stepped into a well-painted kitchen or bathroom and thought to yourself “Wow. This place looks amazing!”? Well, you can be sure that the cabinets played a significant role. Cabinets are a focal point and set the tone for the whole space, so understanding how to make the best of them is key. …

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How the Right Commercial Floor Coating Can Benefit Your Property

Doors get their fair share of use and walls receive the occasional bump, but nothing has to stand up to constant wear like a commercial floor. It should go without saying: choosing the right protective floor coating is crucial.  So, which concrete coating should you use for your commercial space? Let’s take a closer look…

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Interior Painting with Fall-Inspired Paint Colors

As the foliage in Westchester and Fairfield County transitions from lush greens to vibrant oranges, reds, and golds, it’s a reminder that change can be both beautiful and exciting. But what if you could enjoy those fall colors all the time? Like, inside your home? You can! Thanks to paint, any interior color scheme can…

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How To Paint an Open Floor Plan: Harmonizing Colors to Effect Interior Design

Open floor plans have gained ever-growing popularity in modern homes. They provide a spacious feel, let in more natural light, and create a more interactive environment. However, a major design challenge that many homeowners face with these layouts is striking the right balance: how do you maintain that sense of openness while still defining individual…

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Is Fall a Good Time to Take on an Exterior Painting Project in NY or CT?

As the vibrant colors and brisk air of autumn bring a fresh, new beauty to your community, it is only natural to want the same for your home. And what better way is there to celebrate that cozy fall feel than by freshening things up with a new coat of exterior paint? The only question…

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