Faux & Decorative Painting

The A.G. Williams Painting Co. design team offers consultations to ensure that your wishes are realized with superb craftsmanship and professionalism.

What Can We Paint for You?

Discover the spectacular possibilities available in the world of faux finishes. Faux finish painters use color, texture, luster, geometry, and movement for an extensive array of creative choices that produce truly remarkable special effects.

Ask A.G. Williams Painting Co. how faux finish painters can enhance your job. Your choices will be masterfully applied by our acclaimed decorative painters. We are renowned for the precision painting techniques that faux finishes and decorative finishes require, including trompe l’oeil (‘fool the eye’), faux bois (wood graining), faux marbre (marble), strie (combing), stenciling, gold leaf, and wall glazes with a variety of textures (e.g., suede, stone, or parchment). These can transform ordinary walls into beautiful decorative painting statements.