Interior Painting

Home Theater Paint Job!

Home theaters have come a long way since the 1950’s era of movie projectors. In fact, many homes these days are starting to incorporate a whole room mimicking modern day theaters, complete with reclining chairs and a big screen. No wait lines for popcorn or crazy candy prices, either…

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How Often to Clean & Paint Baseboards

Everything in the home needs maintenance, but some areas need it more often than others. As a painting contractor, we often hear the questions that people have about their baseboards: “How often should I paint baseboards?” “How can I clean my baseboards?” “What kind of paint should I use on my baseboards?” “Do I need…

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Trying to Find the Best Interior Paint? These 4 Questions Will Help

Let’s face it: paint supply stores aren’t exactly the most exciting place to spend a Saturday afternoon. And, unless you know precisely what you’re looking for, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of brands, colors, and formulas. To better prepare you for your next home painting adventure, here are a few key…

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Why Are Neutral Paint Colors So Popular?

We have seen a big change in the paint world these days. Bold colored rooms have taken a backseat to neutral colors such as white, beige, or gray. This seems quite the opposite of past trends because neutrals were considered best for commercial offices or rental homes.  A Canvas For Creativity Don’t worry, this does…

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Professional House Painting: Prep Matters!

Anyone can stroke a paintbrush, but not everyone has the skills and patience it takes to properly prepare a space before touching the paint can. We know preparation is vital to being successful, professional painters. Our team wouldn’t have it any other way.    What Should Your Interior Painting Prep Include? We work hard to…

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Why Should You Paint Your Home Now?

Believe it or not, winter is actually the perfect time to paint the interior of your home. For decades, we have always been told quite the opposite because of the fumes and the crazy idea that anyone would want to open their windows during the winter to air out a freshly painted space.  Thanks to…

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