Exterior Painting & Maintenance

exterior painting in the fall

How To Choose Exterior Paint Colors in the Tri-State Area

If you’re planning a spring or summertime exterior repaint, this is a huge opportunity! Take your time and make the most of it. After all, when it comes to the curb appeal and long-term value of your home here in the tri-state area, few updates have more immediate impact than a fresh coat of paint.…

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4 Tips For Finding A House Painter That Will Protect Your Property

If you have decided to trust professionals to paint the interior of your home, you’ve decided to trust someone to treat your home with the care and respect it deserves.  While it is best to move the most precious of your belongings away from the commotion, sometimes it’s just not practical. Plus, it’s impossible to…

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best season for exterior painting

What’s the Best Season for Exterior Painting?

The answer might actually surprise you…  There’s a LOT to factor in before painting the exterior of your house in NY or CT. Colors, product, necessary repairs, curb appeal goals, resale value, finding the right painting contractor… It’s a big deal and you want to get it right. Right? Here’s another factor: seasonality. Conditions, just…

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How to prepare for an exterior repaint

So you’ve decided on an exterior repaint – wonderful choice! We are so excited to bring extra glow and protection to your home. Now you can just sit back and watch the paint dry, right? Well, actually, there are a few things you can do to help the job process run smoothly for both you…

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Does Using Quality Exterior Paint Really Make A Difference?

You chose the perfect color! Now to choose the paint..  Getting an exterior repaint can be exciting! And also a little daunting. Afterall, there are so many decisions to be made. Plus, there’s an element of permanency compared to, say, interior painting. Color is probably one of the first things you think about as a…

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Signs It’s Time To Repaint Your Exterior

Let’s get something out in the open: an exterior repaint isn’t JUST about style. Though curb appeal is a worthwhile project for home value, there’s more to consider beneath the surface. Paint is your exterior’s front line of defense against the elements – i.e. wood rot, moisture intrusion, pests, and UV damage.

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