Maintaining Your Painted Cabinets: Show Your Kitchen Some Love this Season!

During the Valentine’s season, our thoughts often turn to ways we can show love to those around us. But what about our homes? Don’t they deserve some TLC too?  We think so! And what better way to care for the heart of your home than by keeping up with maintenance on your painted cabinets? These…

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kitchen cabinet painters in NY and CT

2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends and Ideas

Have you ever stepped into a well-painted kitchen or bathroom and thought to yourself “Wow. This place looks amazing!”? Well, you can be sure that the cabinets played a significant role. Cabinets are a focal point and set the tone for the whole space, so understanding how to make the best of them is key. …

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Is Fall a Good Time to Take on an Exterior Painting Project in NY or CT?

As the vibrant colors and brisk air of autumn bring a fresh, new beauty to your community, it is only natural to want the same for your home. And what better way is there to celebrate that cozy fall feel than by freshening things up with a new coat of exterior paint? The only question…

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Does High-Quality Exterior Paint Really Matter?

When buying paint, we all know what it’s like to stare at the spectrum of price tags on a row of products that otherwise seem identical. The question inevitably comes to mind: “how much does the quality really matter?” While preferring lower cost over quality may be appropriate for some painting projects, exterior surfaces should…

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4 Tips For Finding A House Painter That Will Protect Your Property

If you have decided to trust professionals to paint the interior of your home, you’ve decided to trust someone to treat your home with the care and respect it deserves.  While it is best to move the most precious of your belongings away from the commotion, sometimes it’s just not practical. Plus, it’s impossible to…

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Is It Important To Use High-Quality Paint?

Home projects can be expensive and it’s tempting to save money wherever you can. If you want your new color to last the test of dog paws, kid paws, and food splashes, one thing you don’t want to skimp on is the paint. Using bargain paints means you have to use more and repaint more…

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