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8 Calming Colors For Baby Nurseries

What’s trending for nurseries these days? As the generational pendulum swings, new parents have taken a step back from traditional baby blues and pinks of old and replaced them with more neutral colors. There are so many varieties available now, which has opened the door for a lot of creativity and nuance. Nursery decorating has…

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How Often to Clean & Paint Baseboards

Everything in the home needs maintenance, but some areas need it more often than others. As a painting contractor, we often hear the questions that people have about their baseboards: “How often should I paint baseboards?” “How can I clean my baseboards?” “What kind of paint should I use on my baseboards?” “Do I need…

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We’re Ready To Schedule Your Estimate in NY and CT!

UPDATE! Friends, you can find our original COVID-19 message and commitment below, but we are very excited to add a positive update (as of June 1, 2020). We are currently providing painting and floor coating services in Connecticut and New York! Please contact us right away to discuss and plan your project – we have…

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4 Questions You Should Ask Your House Painter

Hiring a professional house painter is an important decision. After all, they will be performing important work on what is probably your biggest investment. Even more important, however, is the fact that they will spend several days around your home and family. You want someone you can trust! To that end, here are four questions…

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The Dangers of a Cheap House Painting Estimate

Nobody wants to spend more than they need to for house painting.  When you’re comparing house painting estimates, it is natural to be drawn towards the lowest bid.  However, is that actually the best deal?  Are there hidden dangers you need to be aware of? Only a small percentage of your estimate turns  into profit…

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Painting Churches in New York

Painting Churches and Houses of Worship in NY and CT

Can a fresh coat of paint bring you closer to God? Well, probably not! However, when a church or worship facility looks shabby or worn out, it can distract people from their reasons for being there. Also, it may give visitors a poor first impression. At A.G. Williams Painting, we understand that for many people,…

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