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3 Reasons Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for Interior Office Painting

When property owners or managers consider the timing of their office update, winter typically isn’t the first season to come to mind. This is largely due to the outdated misconception that interior painting involves heavy fumes, lingering odors, and the need to throw windows open as often as possible. In reality, winter is a surprisingly…

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home painting tips for 2017

12 Home Painting Resources

One of the best parts of a new year is the opportunity it creates for a clean, fresh start. This blank canvas leaves room for goals, ambition, and optimism to spur us on. And, there is one more thing that an empty canvas calls for perhaps more than anything else. Beautiful, vibrant paint. As you…

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Beautiful Examples of Exterior Paint Colors

We’ve discussed tips for choosing a new exterior paint color in the past, focusing on the various methods you can use to narrow down a palette that will work well for your specific home. One of our tips is to use a tool like to browse countless examples of real people’s homes all around…

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Interior Painting Tips for the New Year

This is a time of year for resolutions, fresh starts, and new beginnings. Whether you have a home improvement project, a fitness goal, or are simply determined to make more time for the things you love doing, 2016 is 365 days of potential. If interior painting is calling for your attention this year, we have…

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To Paint Or Not to Paint? – Tips for Exterior Painting in Westchester County

If you are thinking about painting the exterior of your New York home and happen to be reading this post in the fall, you have come to the right place. Let me give you a few tips about when or when NOT to paint the outside of your home. The Outside Painting Season in New…

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Guest Room Paint Colors: How Do You Find the Right One?

Are you considering a painting project before the holiday season gets into full swing? If so, you’re not alone. This is a popular time of year to think bigger than dusting and mopping, and instead add some fresh new colors and updated style before the doorbell starts to ring. With that in mind, let’s take…

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