3 Reasons Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for Interior Office Painting

When property owners or managers consider the timing of their office update, winter typically isn’t the first season to come to mind. This is largely due to the outdated misconception that interior painting involves heavy fumes, lingering odors, and the need to throw windows open as often as possible.

In reality, winter is a surprisingly perfect season to refresh your office’s interior paint, whether you need maintenance painting touch-ups or a totally new color scheme.

#1 Low and Zero-VOC Paint Options for Your Office Space

Let’s tackle that smelly paint misconception first.

Thanks to the onward march of paint development, most major manufacturers are now offering low and zero-VOC interior paint options. These are not just novelty formulas, but tried and true, environmentally-friendly paints that cure beautifully without the volatile organic compounds that used to be released.

All the style without the smell. That opens up a lot of possibilities, doesn’t it? For more information, take a look here as well.

As just one example of these paint products, read a bit more here about Sherwin-Williams’ Promar 200.

#2 Did You Know That Fresh Color Impacts Your Office’s Mood and Productivity?

office paint colors

Color is a fascinating thing.

It interacts with our brains in unique ways, not just offering a visual aesthetic that we can appreciate, but also prompting tangible moods and reactions.

If your office’s current interior color is something cold, drab, and neutral, you may be shocked by what could happen with an injection of fresh, bolder colors. From the relaxing effect that blue and green can offer to the punch of creativity and energy brought by orange or red, your color options should be carefully and strategically chosen.

Especially with the holidays past now, the colder, darker seasons can have a huge, negative impact on many. Changing things up a bit and adding some warm new color can be a real morale booster.

#3 Scheduling Your Office Repaint Is Never Easier

Depending on the commercial painting company that you choose, you likely will find that their schedule is more open during the winter months than the summer. This can open the door to increased scheduling flexibility, and ease of adapting to your particular parameters and workday.

Here at A.G. Williams Painting Company, for example, we’re willing to work nights and weekends for our commercial painting clients. Not only is this convenient for them and their office operations, but with the use of high-quality, zero-VOC products, it means that our clients’ offices are ready for use when Monday comes.

What Should You Look for in a Commercial Painting Company?

As we touched on above, we suggest you look for a commercial painter who puts your needs first and uses the very best products for your space. After all, interior painting shouldn’t be a hassle, but a real opportunity for adding to the life, culture, and color of your space.