2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends and Ideas

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Have you ever stepped into a well-painted kitchen or bathroom and thought to yourself “Wow. This place looks amazing!”? Well, you can be sure that the cabinets played a significant role. Cabinets are a focal point and set the tone for the whole space, so understanding how to make the best of them is key. 

What is there to understand, you might ask? Good question! Let’s start with this year’s popular color trends.

2024 Paint Colors for Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets 

The first thing to keep in mind when considering how to transform your kitchen/bathroom cabinets is what colors are trending in the world of cabinet paint, especially as the new year brings a fresh color palette onto the scene.

Earthy Tones: A Touch of the Outdoors

Earthy tones are making a big comeback this year. Think warm terracotta, soothing clay, and rich sienna – these colors bring a sense of calm and connection to the outdoors (a much needed advantage!). Plus, They work exceptionally well in spaces with natural light, complementing wood finishes and plants especially. 

Bold Blues: For Making Your Cabinets Stand Out

From deep navy to bright cerulean, blue cabinets are becoming a popular choice for those who want to add a pop of color without overwhelming the space. These shades pair beautifully with metallic accents and white countertops, offering a tasteful and sophisticated look.

Soft Greens: Serenity and Balance

Need something on the calmer side? No problem. Soft greens, like sage and mint, are perfect for creating a tranquil and refreshing space. These colors are especially popular in bathrooms and kitchens, where serenity is often the goal.

Classic Neutrals: Timeless and  Elegant 

While bold colors are in vogue, the appeal of neutral tones remains timeless. Shades like beige, light gray, and off-white offer versatility and can easily adapt to changing decor styles. They are ideal for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic and a simple atmosphere. 

Understanding the Perfect Cabinet Paint Finish 

Along with color, the finish of your cabinets plays a crucial role in overall look and functionality. Ultimately you decide what works best for your space, but keep a few things in mind.

Matt-finished Cabinets: Matt finished cabinet paint is gaining popularity for its ability to conceal dirt, smudges, and grease. For kitchens and bathrooms that already have a lot of gloss present (counters, walls, tables, etc.), a matte cabinet can be the perfect thing to balance things out. And that’s not to mention how much elegance it can add to a room. Want a classy and stylish look? Go with matte. 

Semi-gloss Cabinets: Glossy cabinets reflect more light. Yes, that means smudges and the occasional greasy fingerprint will be more visible. However, unlike a matte finish, semi-gloss cabinets are also extremely easy to clean. 

Incorporating These Color Trends into Your Home

Incorporating the latest paint color trends into your cabinets is not just about following what’s in vogue; it’s about blending these trends with your personal style. 

  1. Start by assessing the mood you wish to create. Do you want your kitchen/bathroom to feel energetic and vibrant, or calm and serene? Whatever it is, color is the most effective way to achieve it!
  2. Consider the size and lighting of your room. Light colors can make small or dimly-lit spaces feel larger and brighter, while darker hues create a sense of sophistication in larger rooms. 

Now that you’re up-to-date with this years’ favorite cabinet colors, it’s time to add “kitchen transformation” to your new year’s resolution list!

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Cabinet Painting FAQs

Q: Can I mix and match colors in my cabinetry? A: Absolutely! Mixing colors can add depth and interest to your space. For instance, you could use a bold color on your lower cabinets and a neutral tone on the upper ones.

Q: How often should I repaint my cabinets? A: This depends on usage and wear. Generally, cabinets can be repainted every 5-10 years to maintain their appearance or to update the color.

Q: Is it necessary to hire a professional painter? A: While DIY is an option, professional painters ensure a high-quality finish, proper surface preparation, and can provide expert color advice.