12 Home Painting Resources

One of the best parts of a new year is the opportunity it creates for a clean, fresh start. This blank canvas leaves room for goals, ambition, and optimism to spur us on.

And, there is one more thing that an empty canvas calls for perhaps more than anything else.

Beautiful, vibrant paint.

As you start your new year, be sure to leave room for refreshing color. To help you get started, we thought we’d share a handful of our favorite educational articles from 2016. Read, skim, and save as you need to, and be sure to contact us directly with any other house painting questions you might have.

Tips and Information for Your House Painting Project, Interior and Exterior

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Are You Considering Hiring a Professional Painter?

The beauty of working with a trustworthy professional is that you not only benefit from their skill, but also their experience. A qualified painter can guide you through every step, from color considerations to a final, thorough walkthrough of your transformation.