exterior painting in NY

Do You Always Need To Prime Before Exterior Painting?

To prime or not to prime… Good question! To give the best answer possible, let’s step back and take a look at what primer does. The ultimate goal of any great house painting project is to create a finish that lasts. And for paint to last, it needs to bond tightly with the surface. That’s…

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Planning Your Outdoor House Painting Projects in Westchester and Fairfield Counties

While it may seem like we just took down Christmas lights and temperatures are way too cold to be thinking about exterior projects, now is the best time to start planning home improvements for the spring! 

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restaurant floor coating in Thornwood, NY

The Perfect Restaurant Floor Coating System in Thornwood, NY

If you know how restaurants work, you know that once you leave the quiet ambience of the dining room you’re immediately immersed in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of food production in the back. The heat is on, with every inch of a professional kitchen being designed for cleanliness, efficiency, and performance. 

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Home Theater Paint Job!

Home theaters have come a long way since the 1950’s era of movie projectors. In fact, many homes these days are starting to incorporate a whole room mimicking modern day theaters, complete with reclining chairs and a big screen. No wait lines for popcorn or crazy candy prices, either…

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How Can Paint Color Affect Your Work Space?

Everyone has favorite colors. Walk into any home – it’s easy to notice a homeowner’s preferences! But, WHY are we drawn to specific hues and shades? Colors affect our daily lives more than we might realize. They invoke a plethora of emotions, and while that might seem inconsequential, it can absolutely affect productivity, health and…

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How Often to Clean & Paint Baseboards

Everything in the home needs maintenance, but some areas need it more often than others. As a painting contractor, we often hear the questions that people have about their baseboards: “How often should I paint baseboards?” “How can I clean my baseboards?” “What kind of paint should I use on my baseboards?” “Do I need…

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