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Almost every room is essentially a box, dominated by rectangular surfaces and square corners. This plain, enclosed space does not have to be drab, however. One of the most sophisticated and inexpensive methods of tastefully transforming a room is through crown moulding installation. Another similar option is ogee mouldings, which are sometimes installed in conjunction with crown.

Crown mouldings bring individuality and visual interest to a room by breaking up the typical 90° angle  between a wall and ceiling. Often painted with high-sheen paints, the contours of crown mouldings reflect the light and draw attention to their details. In rooms with higher ceilings, crown mouldings can be layered to achieve a still more impressive, substantial room border. Crown mouldings can be painted the same color as the wall, or a coordinating color, but if your walls are colored, white mouldings look sharp and classy.

Ogee mouldings are also elegantly contoured trim boards, but they are made to mount flat on a wall, rather than in a corner. One very stylish trend in formal dining rooms and other elegant spaces is to install ogee mouldings around the perimeter of a room, 6 to 12 inches below the crown. this creates a wide variety of options for creative design. The space between the ogee and crown can be painted the main wall color, the color of the trim, or a separate color. You can even use a wallpaper border in this open region. The ogee and crown can also be painted to match or coordinate with different features of the room.

Installing crown mouldings takes knowledge, skill and precision. It can be performed by an experienced do-it-yourselfer, but most homeowners prefer to leave it to the professionals. A quality painting contractor such as A.G. Williams can do more than just cut and nail on your mouldings”“we provide expert design advice with a color consultant, and we can caulk and paint your new trim to provide spectacular results!

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What are your thoughts on crown and ogee mouldings? Where do you have them in your house? Have you installed them yourself? We love hearing from  you!

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