Planning Your Outdoor House Painting Projects in Westchester and Fairfield Counties

While it may seem like we just took down Christmas lights and temperatures are way too cold to be thinking about exterior projects, now is the best time to start planning home improvements for the spring! 

Why plan ahead? Well, once you start the process, you’ll realize why. Giving yourself time to research and schedule is crucial, and it makes the process itself run more smoothly down the road. Planning ahead can also help you cut back on expenses – ensuring confidence in direction, quality paint that will last, and maybe even winter specials.

Why Does Exterior Painting And Maintenance Matter?

If you’re a homeowner, you care about the life and quality of your home. So, how can you guarantee longevity for your property? Maintenance is crucial when it comes to preservation and value. We know how easy it can be to put off projects, which is why evaluating and prioritizing the needs of your home should come first.

Your Springtime Exterior Checklist

Winter can wreak havoc on your property, so it’s likely there are a few tasks on your spring checklist. Is it time to stop putting off that repaint or new siding? OR, If those big ticket items aren’t necessary, there are other ways to refresh your surfaces:

  • Power washing to refresh surfaces
  • Repair wood rot 
  • Inspect and replace old caulking
  • Touch up faded paint. 

Making subtle upgrades as needed can save you from large scale, even catastrophic, replacements in the future.


Give yourself time and space to figure out the needs for your home without the stress of last-minute decisions. In the end, it’s worth it – not only for your home value, but your peace of mind!