Is It Important To Use High-Quality Paint?

Home projects can be expensive and it’s tempting to save money wherever you can. If you want your new color to last the test of dog paws, kid paws, and food splashes, one thing you don’t want to skimp on is the paint. Using bargain paints means you have to use more and repaint more often. There are many benefits to high-quality paints and products, such as you don’t have to use as much paint which saves money in the long run.  Let’s take a look at a few more reasons to use high-quality paint.

Do you know about prime pigments?

According to Sherwin-Williams, “higher-quality paints have more of the all-important prime pigments, which provide easier application, greater durability and better color retention.” Color pigments are the main source of hiding capability so if you want your walls to look like you don’t have kids, you need opaque quality.

What about binders?

“Higher-quality binders adhere to surfaces better and provide enhanced film integrity and longer-lasting performance.” Want to avoid cracking, blistering and peeling? Invest in high-quality paint.  Whether oil-based or latex, each paint color has specialized binders that ensure quality and durability. Benjamin Moore has eight developmental laboratories in their 80,000 square foot research facility where they focus on enhancing high-performance coatings. If you want quality, look to those who care.


When it comes to what you put on your table, you don’t want additives. But quality paint needs them.  Additives have specific benefits that all paints should have but not all paints do. Common additives in higher-end paints include rheology modifiers to provide better hide and mildewcides to keep mildew from ruining a room smell to site.  You don’t want anything growing on your walls except beautiful color.

Make sure your contractors and painters use the best quality when they are painting your walls.  If you have further questions about what is in high-quality paints that make your paint last, contact us today.  We can schedule an estimate, too!