Coordinating Painting and Design

We often are asked which decision should come first, interior design or paint colors. The two actually go hand-in-hand, which is why A.G. Williams works closely with interior designers and interior decorators to coordinate our home painting and office painting services with our clients’ style and decor.

Different design themes call for different types of interior painting. Many of our clients prefer a transitional look that combines modern and traditional furniture and accessories. A color palette of neutral tones complements this design style. The simple Arts and Crafts furniture style pairs particularly well with shades of green and brown. Interior decorators creating Asian-inspired themes may turn to us to “pop” in color accents to accentuate brightly-colored accessories. To match a beach house or coastal style, we often incorporate light shades of ocean blues and greens, along with sand tones to provide a backdrop for the decor. Textured wall paint pairs nicely with more formal decorating styles.

What if your home or office isn’t decorated in a specific style? The A.G. Williams team will help you integrate wall colors with your furniture and accessories in a way that makes them stand out. Tired of the look of a room? Give it a new coat of paint and then change your accessories for a completely new look. The possibilities are endless!

How have you integrated painting colors and design? Please share your experience in the Comments section of this site.