How to Maintain an Interior Painting Job

Cleaning WallsPerhaps you are wondering how to keep those newly painted walls looking nice, maximizing the time between interior painting jobs. With the bustle of everyday life, interior paint tends to wear out faster if it is not cared for. Here are a few simple tips on how to maintain interior paint which may help you prolong the life of your painting job.

Regular Cleaning

The first tip for maintaining your interior paint is simple to keep it clean! Any dirt that accumulates on paint will tend to wear it down faster. Keeping your walls clean not only cuts down on dust and dirt in your home, making your walls look better, but it also helps to keep the paint in good condition. When you clean your walls, be sure to use a gentle cleaning detergent or just water without a detergent. Powerful cleaning agents will act adversely on both oil and latex based paints. Additionally, don’t use excess amounts of water on the walls or leave them wet, as extended periods of moisture can lead to destruction or warping of paint as well as growth of mold or mildew. Proper ventilation can also help to keep paint dry faster after cleaning.

Problem Places

In maintaining your interior painting job, there are several key places in your home that you should check for damage or dirt accumulation. These areas often require more attention and should be checked regularly. First, and most obviously, is the kitchen. With meal preparation, dishes to be done, and coffee spills, the kitchen often requires more cleaning and maintenance than most other rooms. Often air-born oils from cooking can adhere to the walls, leaving a residue which should be cleaned.

Any high-traffic area should be monitored: bathrooms, kid’s rooms, hallways, etc. The majority of marks and dirt which appears on walls comes from hands: thus, pay close attention to any areas in your home which are at hand-level. Similarly, baseboards often need to be cleaned due to scuff-marks from shoes.

Touch-up Jobs

Finally, if your walls are in good condition overall but there are a few areas in which the paint has cracked or been damaged, a quick touch-up job may be in order. Rather than repainting your entire wall, use any left-over paint to touch up problem areas. Sometimes paint will develop cracks after about a year, especially around window or doors. These cracks should be filled and repainted.

In order to avoid having to repaint or touchup your walls, interior painting contractors recommend using primers. Primers will protect the wall, improve the duration of a painting job, and will prevent future stress. In addition, painting companies will also suggest the use of higher gloss paint in areas where traffic is high. Glossy paints resist stains and are easier to clean.

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