Attic Room Ideas

attic painting and designLet’s think about your attic for a minute.

If you’re like a lot of people, this immediately conjures up images of dust, boxes you have been meaning to go through for a while (or, possibly boxes you forgot you even have), wisps of insulation blowing like tumbleweed across floor joists, and other signs that your attic might be the no-man’s-land of your home.

Well, the tumbleweed part might be an exaggeration.

But what if your attic could be destined for greater things? You know, things greater than out of season clothing and nick-knacks. What if there were actually some great attic room ideas potential there that could turn your attic space into something useful and maybe even cool?

Design Ideas for the Attic Room

Whether you are thinking of turning your attic space into a man-cave, a guest bedroom, a reading nook, or some combination of the three, here are a few attic room ideas for beginning to plan your attic’s design:

  • Plan your attic’s layout carefully – Do you have high and low walls? Why not put a sitting area, your bed, or your desk under the lower points? That will free the the other areas of the space for standing, taller furniture, etc”¦
  • Consider built-in shelving – This is a great way to conserve space!
  • Choose your attic’s paint wisely – Remember, lighter colors create the illusion that the room is larger than it is. Or, for a more layered look, try painting the walls a different color than the ceiling. Maybe darker walls but a light ceiling to make the room feel taller would be a good strategy.
  • Think about a skylight – Natural light will make any space feel warmer, brighter, and larger.

Ask a Professional Painter for Help!

An extra set of eyes can be valuable when it comes to envisioning and planning a home painting project. Consider contacting a painting company for your next interior or exterior painting project, or for design ideas and consultation!