Interior Painting Ideas: What Do You Do With a Dark Room?

painting rooms with windowsIt’s one thing to change the look of a room just by switching the color. That can be fairly straightforward. But what if you are working with a space that has an element that is basically unchangeable?
For many, this “unchangeable” factor is a lack of natural light.

Sure, you can invest in windows and dramatically alter the climate and mood overnight, but maybe that just isn’t an option because you’re dealing with a rented space, a temporary living situation, or maybe the price is prohibitive at this point.

So, How Do You Make a Dark Room Bright?

Well, it isn’t quite as easy as snapping your fingers. But, fortunately, there are some creative interior painting and design strategies that will help to inject a little light where there isn’t any.

  • Strategic lighting – It might not be a perfect replacement for the sun, but choosing all the right light in all the right places can brighten your dark room. Avoid simply installing an overhead as that realistically won’t reach all the corners. Try track lighting; the benefit being that you can adjust where the light points, or aim individual lights in all different directions to spread it out evenly.

  • Paint light colors – Avoid dark colors, even if they look amazing on the swatch at the paint store. What is even slightly dark in natural light will be extremely dark in a space with no windows. Try bright, light colors that will reflect the light well rather than simply soak it up (which is literally what darker colors do).

  • Mirror it! – Reflective decorations are also a good idea in a lot of settings. Bouncing the light that is available creates the illusion that your room is brighter (and sometimes even larger!) than it actually is.

  • Fake a window – It can create a really cool look if you find an old window that is either stained glass or maybe has frosted panes, then wire small LED lights behind it. It glows brightly, and psychologically works similarly to a real window.

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