How Do You Remove Wood Paneling?

If we had to pick the top contenders for the title of “Greatest Enemies of Modern Interior Style,” two names rise to the surface very quickly: outdated wallpaper and wood paneling.

To be fair, some wood paneling is very attractive, lending a simultaneously classy and rugged look to a room. But what about when it’s simply old, making that particular space feel dark, and dated?

The good news is that tearing down your paneling is not a very difficult project, and it certainly can be rewarding!

Pulling Down Your Wood Paneling – Rethink, Repurpose, and Update Your Room!

can you tear down wood paneling?

  1. Remove any molding – Whether it be crown molding or baseboards, look out for trim around the perimeter of your paneling that could be damaged in the demolition process. Making sure all of this is out of the way also tends to streamline the process!
  2. If at first you don’t succeed, pry, pry again – We apologize for that bit of “humor.” It just couldn’t be avoided. In any event, work the flat end of your crowbar behind the top corner of your first piece of paneling and then systematically pry from top to bottom, essentially peeling the boards free from the wall. Even though this might feel like a slower process than simply tearing them off as fast as possible, this more systematic method will keep your worksite neater and easier to clean up. It also will help you to avoid the frustration of little, splintered fragments of wood clinging to your walls after the paneling snaps.
  3. Remove nails as needed – If you have a few stragglers left, pry them out now.
  4. Sand and prep – Regardless of whether adhesive residue is left behind, it’s a good idea in general to sand your walls lightly as a way to prepare the surface for the fresh coat of paint (or whatever sort of covering you have planned) to come. And remember, if you are painting, be sure to fill any nail holes with spackle and a coat of primer.

Do You Need a Professional Painting Company?

There are few better ways to breathe fresh style into your home than by investing in the services of a reputable, professional painter. The team here at A.G. Williams would love to help! Please don’t hesitate to contact us about the interior or exterior painting project that you may have in mind.