Gray – The Perfect Neutral Paint Color for Your Living Room

Gray walls have risen in popularity as an interior paint color over the last few years and for good reason. Like beige or white, gray acts as a neutral, allowing your furnishings to be the focus of the room. But gray offers greater flexibility and a more updated look than beige walls and less fear of scuffs than a traditional white living room.

Gray Interior Paint – A Neutral That Works with You

A neutral wall color is especially nice to have in a living room where you may be committed to a set of furniture in a particular color or pattern. If your seating arrangement is beige or brown, gray walls will give just enough contrast against your furniture to keep your living room feeling interesting. Likewise, if you have a mixture of furniture, gray can create a soothing backdrop that creates a sense of unity between differing colors and styles.

Finding the Right Gray Paint to Suit Your Needs

When you sit down in your living room are you looking for a place to relax and unwind after a long day’s work? Or perhaps you would like a sophisticated space to host your book club’s monthly gatherings? Either way, there is a gray wall color that will complement your living room perfectly.

A mid to dark gray paint creates an intimate, elegant atmosphere that elevates a room, especially when paired with crisp, white trim. Afraid of making a small room appear even smaller? A dark neutral disappears into the background, hiding corners and hard edges. With just a little natural or artificial light, even small living rooms can look great with a darker gray on the walls.

Of course if you prefer a casual, laid back vibe, choosing a lighter gray wall color will make your room feel open and airy, the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or watch a show in the evening with your family.

Gray Shifts with the Seasons

One of the biggest advantages to choosing gray for your walls over white or beige is the way it works perfectly as the natural light changes throughout the year. In the darker winter months a lighter grey living room takes on a soft, welcoming glow during the limited daylight hours, and when the sun goes down a couple interior lights keep your living space feeling cheerful and inviting.

During the summer months, white walls can be too bright and beige can look washed out. A gray wall color in a living room tempers the harsh glare of the sun, creating an inviting retreat on a hot summer’s day.

Whatever feeling you want to create in your living space, there’s a perfect gray wall color for you. Still not certain about gray walls in your home? Check out these beautiful real-life rooms to see more color ideas for using this perfect neutral