6 Practical Tips for Ladder Safety This Fall

Don’t look now, but fall is coming!

This means that in no time at all you might get the urge to wrap up a little exterior painting before the snow flies, pull leaves out of the gutters, or maybe hang those lights you’re famous for along the porch roof.

And, there’s also a good chance that all of this will involve a ladder.

As a professional painting company, we know just how important ladder safety really is. In fact, ongoing safety training and professional development is ingrained right into our whole culture. To help keep you safe as you wrap up your home improvement projects, we thought we’d offer a few valuable, practical ladder safety tips.

Safely Using a Ladder – Come Down the Same Way (and At the Same Speed) That You Went Up!

using a ladder safely

#1 – Complete a Ladder Safety Check

Beyond just looking for damage, be sure to also check for slick materials (like grease or mud) on your rungs.

#2 – Take a Firm Stance on Solid Ground

Loose and/or uneven surfaces should be completely avoided. Flat and solid ground is a necessity, providing a stable base for the ladder to rest on.

#3 – Is Your Ladder Tall Enough?

Your ladder should be able to reach at least three feet beyond the highest point at which you’ll be working.

#4 – Watch Out for Electricity!

You may think you’d be safe by simply not touching power lines, but in reality electricity can arc a surprising distance to a metal ladder unless the proper insulation is in place.

#5 – Check Your Footwear

Grippy, rubber-soled shoes or boots with clean soles are key. You want something that will provide that essential traction.

#6 – Don’t Stretch!

Leaning way out to maximize your ladder’s position may seem like a time-saver, but it won’t when you wake up in the bushes. Keep your shoulders within the width of the rails as you climb, descend, and work.

Don’t Hesitate to Call the Home Improvement Professional You Need

Whether your work requires the expertise of a painter, roofer, or some other home improvement pro, the call is well worth making. This is especially true if you don’t have the tools, equipment, and skills needed to finish the work well and safely.