5 Easy Ways to Add Tasty Color To Your Kitchen

As we’ve discussed before, neutral colors are king these days. Well, they really are never out of style, but they are just particularly in style right now, enjoying renewed appreciation.

The key is to add colorful flavor through well-planned, simple touches. And, there really is no better place to do this than the kitchen.

Is Your Kitchen Craving Color?

Bundy: Brentwood Modern Farmhouse

#1 Open Shelves

Similar to glass doors on cabinetry, strategically chosen open shelving creates an airy, bright, almost rustic style. The key is to make sure that whatever is on those shelves is eye-catching and vibrant. For example, why not add open shelving over a coffee station, and display bold mugs and canisters?

#2 Paint the Spaces Behind Shelving

If you have shelf space, consider the potential hiding in the shadowy backdrop. Filling these typically colorless voids with bright, engaging color adds huge personality to a space. And, spilling out of the kitchen, you can try this really in any shelving throughout your home.

#3 How About a Rug Under the Breakfast Table?

Whether in a breakfast nook in the corner of the kitchen or a more formal, adjoining dining space, it can be worthwhile to consider adding a rug under the table. As you might imagine, it’s important to pick the right type; something low-maintenance, durable, and easily cleaned. For a bunch of helpful tips and beautiful examples, take a look at this summary of dining room rug options from Houzz.com.

#4 Is It Thyme to Introduce a Little Natural Green?

The presence of growing, living things has been shown to create a sense of relaxation and calm (this is why you often see plants in office spaces). You can enjoy these benefits in your kitchen by growing herbs in decorative planters, adding fresh flavor options for your cooking as well a refreshing look.

#5 Think Bigger Than Black, White, and Stainless

While the most readily-available appliance options are black, white, or stainless steel, there are absolutely beautiful options out there that break the mold. From offbeat colors to eye-catching, retro styles, take a little extra time to dig into your options when you next need a new kitchen appliance or fixture, large or small. You can quickly make the space chic and unique.

Never Forget the Power of Painting Your Kitchen

As simple and fun as these ideas might be, there is just no substitute for professional painting in your kitchen. And, particularly when it comes to your cabinetry. Well-chosen and applied paint colors offer nearly as much transformative power as a remodel, and the process is much, much less invasive and inconvenient.