How Can You Prepare Your Exterior Paint for Winter?

First of all, why bring up winter now? You’re probably trying to enjoy the last bit of summer, maybe squeezing in a vacation, trip to the beach, or soaking up a little extra sunshine before the fall season kicks in.

Well, we’re definitely not rushing summer, but painting and home maintenance is most successful when you proactively plan a season or two ahead. In this case, you have a golden opportunity NOW to protect your home before the unforgiving winter conditions arrive.

So, what can you do to help your home weather the winter?

5 Practical Tips to Protect Your Exterior Paint All Winter

check the caulking around your window frames periodically

  • Preparation – Now is the time to check for weak or decaying paint, and for any signs of wood rot as well. Catching problems early will not only save you from a more involved repair or repaint down the road, but it also helps seal moisture out and prevent decay from starting at all.
  • Cleaning – Pressure washing may be valuable in the spring, but it’s also valuable in the fall. Removing mold, mildew, and other contaminants that compromise your paint’s health is essential.
  • Light Landscaping – Did you know that allowing bushes and shrubs to brush against your home can cause wood rot? Investing a few hours in trimming branches and leaves can make a tremendous difference.
  • Caulking – Not only does healthy caulk protect your home from moisture intrusion, and subsequent damage/rot, but it also contributes to your overall efficiency. You’ll appreciate that on those frosty winter mornings!
  • Clearing – Your home’s drainage systems are invaluable, drawing potentially harmful water away from the house and depositing it at a safe distance. Make sure your gutters are clear (especially as the leaves begin to fall). Otherwise this debris will become frozen and trapped, creating a dam that leads to a host of issues.

Partner with a Quality Painter for Your Fall Painting Needs

Schedules tend to fill quickly this time of year for professional painters, and especially so when it comes to exterior work. We would advise that you call your go-to pro as soon as possible to ensure that your project can make it on the list.

And, if you live here in Westchester or Fairfield counties, be sure to give us a call at A.G. Williams Painting Company. It would be our pleasure to serve you!