What Color Should I Paint My Interior Trim? (Besides White)

Most people choose to paint their interior trim white, with very good reason. White trim is a classic look that provides a pleasing border contrast, and an airy feel. Additionally, white matches with everything, whether you want to paint the walls gray, blue, yellow, or even white! However, are there other color options for interior trim? Can I choose non-white colors for painting my trim?

Yes! Though white is the most popular option, there are lots of other colors you can use for your trim.

Non-White Neutral Trim Colors

One of the boldest color options for trim is black. It makes a very distinct frame for your room, and it will not clash with anything. Just make sure it is well-balanced. For example, if a room only has black baseboards, it will look odd. On the other hand, if it also has black window trim and crown molding, it can look very sharp! Also, you probably don’t want to use black trim in conjunction with dark wall colors. White walls or other light neutrals are the best options.

Gray is also making a noticeable appearance as a trim paint color recently. It provides a classy look that heightens the elegance in a formal space. Gray trim is most commonly seen with white walls, though dark gray trim can also look stellar against a light gray wall.

Going Bold with Non-Neutral Trim Colors

Of course, there are many other paint color options for interior trim besides the neutrals. For example, yellow walls can look fantastic with blue, green, or purple trim.

White walls can be enhanced with just about any trim color!

A rich brown paint can provide an excellent partner for walls that are beige, tan, yellow, purple, or olive green.

Yellow trim could work in some rooms where white, green, or blue is the dominant color.

Choosing a Paint Sheen for Trim

Deciding on a paint sheen for your interior trim is the easiest choice! Most of the time, semi-gloss is the preferred option. Its reflective veneer draws the eye, and it is highly washable, which is good, since baseboards and trim tend to get dirty the quickest.

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