How to Paint Over Water Stains

The substantial amounts of rain we’ve been getting recently may have been good for the plants, but it hasn’t been good for our houses. Many of us have water damage; if you are one of those “lucky” people, you might be wondering if you can paint over your water stains. Well, you can. But you need to follow these important steps.

1 – Repair the Leak

First, you need to repair the leak where the water entered. Otherwise you would have to keep repainting every time it rained. If the leak is on your ceiling, then it’s most likely a leak in your roof, near a chimney, vent, or something similar. You should have a professional contractor do these repairs.

If the water damage is near a window or door, it could have been caused by faulty caulking. This is a quick fix for an experienced painting contractor.

2 – Dry the Area

Before painting over water damage, the drywall or plaster must be thoroughly dried. This involves allowing the inside of your wall or ceiling to dry out, and you can help this process along by running a fan or dehumidifier.

3 – Eliminate Any Mold

If there is any mold or mildew growing in the area (which would mean that there is probably a long-term leak), then that mold has to be eliminated! You will need to have the mold sprayed, and if it is severe, this should be done by a professional contractor since most sprays that are used to kill mold or mildew are toxic. You might even need to remove a piece of your wall or ceiling, and that is also best done by a professional contractor.

4 – Prime the Water-Stained Area

Now prime the stain with stain-blocking primer. If you don’t do this, then you might be able to see the stain through the new paint.

5 – Paint!

Now you can paint! Now that your leak is fixed, any mold or mildew is eliminated, and the area is primed, you can paint. You will probably need to paint the whole wall or ceiling since it’s hard to patch and make it match.

Should I Hire a Professional Contractor to Repair and Paint My Water Damage?

If you hire a contractor to repair your leak and remove mold or mildew, then painting over the water stains isn’t terribly hard, but it is time consuming and messy.  If you hire a professional painting company, they can do it all, safely, in a much shorter time, and with high-quality, beautiful, long-lasting results.

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