Three Delicious Paint Colors to Add Taste to Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen feeling a little bland? Maybe your food needs a little more salt, or more likely, your kitchen walls could use a new coat of paint! If your kitchen is in need of some new flavor, here are three delicious paint colors that you could consider:

Sage Green or Celery Green

Both sage and celery green are stylish and attractive paint colors in a modern or a country kitchen. They pair well with white or wooden cabinets, and they look great with any kind of countertop. They add a fresh, organic feel, and while they do bring new taste to your space, they keep the temperature nice and mild.

Buttery Yellow

Nothing says delicious like a warm, smooth, buttery yellow that gently envelops you in its calming energy! With this paint color on your kitchen walls, mornings are brighter and evenings are richer. You can lean towards a creamier option for a more subtle look, or go for hints of lemon for a more cheerful burst of flavor.

Pale Mint

While blue is not typically a popular kitchen color, a cool mint paint gives you that pleasant tingle of cleanliness, a freshness you can feel! Mint is lovely in a room with lots of natural light, and when paired with white kitchen cabinets, the effect is gentle and pleasing.

Painting Kitchens and Other Interior Spaces

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