Interior Painting: Choose A Warm Color This Winter

We’ve all felt it. Here in the northeast, winter descends on us in full swing and the drab days feel like they will never end. One of the best remedies for chasing away the winter blues is to add warm colors to your walls!

Is warm a color or a temperature?

If you aren’t familiar with color theory, you may be wondering what colors are considered to be warm. On the color spectrum, warm tones have bases of reds and yellows.

Blue doesn’t have to be cold

Although it may be easy to understand that reds, oranges and yellows are warm, did you know that any color that has an undertone of those colors will also achieve the same effect? Many cool colors, such as blue, green or purple, can also have undertones of red or yellow.

If the right undertone is chosen, these beautiful greens, blues and purples can achieve the same effect as a warm terracotta.  

Fix your big space

As a general rule, warm colors feel like they come closer, or advance. If you have ever been in a large room that still feels cozy, it’s probably because of the paint!

Painting a room with a warm color will give the entire room an air of intimacy, and certain colors can evoke emotions. Warm, rich colors are stimulating so choose wisely. Add a rich tone to rooms that are filled with activity, such as the family room

Can you add too much color?

Once you’ve chosen your color, you need to decide if you will paint all of the walls, or use it as an accent. Remember, the warmer the color, the more it will “advance” in the room.

The popular style of painting an accent wall is a great way to add a bold color without overwhelming the space. Another, more dramatic option would be to paint two walls that face each other. Both of these options are affordable ways to add a pop of color to your winter walls.

Hire the right pro

If you want to warm up your walls, choosing the right color is imperative. Light can change the temperature of the room throughout the day. To ensure that the color you have chosen will look good in all lighting, it is best to hire a professional color consultant.

Our team offers many years of experience in the painting industry. We understand how color and light interact. Often a client has an idea of what they want, and we can help them choose the color that they have envisioned.

Feel comfortable with your interior painting projects before they even start. Contact our team today.