4 Benefits of Wintertime Interior Painting

In days gone by, painting indoors almost always had to be completed during warmer weather. Why? Well, windows had to be opened, air circulated, and fumes could linger for days after the painting process was done. For some, that “fresh paint” smell wasn’t a big deal, but for others it created discomfort until it finally cleared out.

Even if the smell didn’t really bother you, there was still the question of whether it was okay to breathe. We know now that those odors are due to the volatile organic compounds that dissipate during the curing process. Not good!

Thankfully, modern-day paint formulas boast low (and even zero!) VOC levels, and this means that interior painting can be done year round without risking your health OR quality of life. 

So, is wintertime interior painting okay? Absolutely. In fact, for a number of key reasons, it can be ideal.

A Fresh Coat of Paint May Be Just What You Need This Winter

wintertime interior painting

Here are four reasons why interior painting should be on your to-do list:

  • A Fun Project and Change – Unless you really love wintertime outdoor activities, the cold weather can start to drag you down. Interior painting offers a perfect diversion, giving you something fresh, fun, and new to focus on. 
  • Variety – Colors have been proven to powerfully impact mood, energy levels, and motivation. So, are your colors working for or against you? Painting with the winter doldrums in mind is an ideal way to keep warmth and light in the spaces you love. For extra inspiration and info, take a look at this article: Color Psychology: How to Make Your Home Feel Good
  • Be Holiday-Ready – Ready or not, that doorbell is going to ring! There’s simply no better way to prep for friends, family, and guests than with beautiful, fresh paint. What a difference it makes, too!
  • Check It Off Your Home Improvement List – It feels good to get things done! And when spring rolls around, it leaves more room for fun, outdoor projects. 

Interior Painting Services To Make Your Vision a Reality

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