Trending Cabinet Paint Colors for 2021

Let’s face it, although 2020 has been a tough year, there are some strengths that it has certainly gifted to us (oh so generously). One of these gifts was creating more quiet moments and memories at home, something that we have probably wished and hoped for in years past but had no idea it was actually going to happen in such an unexpected way.

Now that we’ve had the taste of these sweet moments of cooking and bonding over a fresh meal at home, we are ready to help you make more special memories by refreshing your cabinets. We’ve seen a lot of trending colors as 2021 arrives and we want to help give you inspiration so that you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

The age of dark wood cabinets has swiftly passed and we have seen a lot of colorful hues coming in its place. Let’s check some of the colors out!

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Gray+Beige =  (You Guessed It) Greige

One popular color trend that we have been seeing is the perfect combination of gray and beige. Greige is a beautiful neutral color to use on your kitchen cabinets if you are wanting a fresh yet cozy kitchen that your loved ones will find comfort in each day. Greige can match many different styles of decor and can be flexible in the years and seasons ahead.


Blues For You

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to finish off your workday, blue just might be the right choice for you. Blues are known to represent peace and calm- something that we all want after a crazy day. Spending a little time cooking and eating with your family around a blue of your choice just might be what you need to unwind.



All Natural Green

Bringing muted greens into your kitchen is a great way to start your day with fresh perspectives as you pour your cup of coffee or hot tea each morning. Green often represents new beginnings, which is exactly what we can look forward to each day.

The Simplicity of White

Believe it or not, white has taken a huge u-turn into trending as many people are finding the simplicity that white cabinets and kitchens can bring. Gone are the days of white only being for apartments or rental homes. Remember, there are many different tones of white, some warmer, some brighter so find the one that suits your taste. You just might find that having the simplest of colors on your cabinets is all that you need to make your kitchen a crisp, clean and welcoming place for your family and friends.

Painting your kitchen cabinets can be the perfect way to bring a more modern feel into your home without a complete kitchen remodel. We are excited to help you continue to make fresh memories in your kitchen as we move into 2021. Ready to get started? Contact us today!