Top Questions About Our Concrete Floor Coatings

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve likely had painting done at some point or another. It’s a pretty common home improvement project! And, no matter who you had do the job, you probably know the general ins and outs of what to expect. 

But what about concrete floor coatings? Maybe you have some questions, and you’re not the only one!

We get all kinds of inquiries about how our coatings work and what installation looks like. Whether you’re considering a floor coating or have already decided to get it done, these FAQs will give you a better idea of our process!

Q. How long does it take to coat?

Typically 2 days, especially if your surface calls for a moisture block.

Q. Are there lingering fumes?

No. The process creates about as much smell as painting a room, and clears out quickly. Another benefit of using our polyurea system rather than standard epoxy!

Q. Can you coat basement floors?


Q. Is this the same as the kits you can buy at a home improvement store?

No. Those are typically epoxy or concrete paints. Neither perform as well as our polyurea system.

Q. Is hot-tire pickup an issue?

With epoxy, yes. With our polyurea system, no. 

Q. Can I choose any color I want?

We have solid colors and chip blends available for you to choose from. Custom chip blends are also an option (match to your favorite brand, sports team, university, etc.). 

Q. Is it slippery?

No, it’s not. We can, however, include a slip-resistant additive that provides extra traction, if needed.

Q. Is it expensive?

It certainly costs more than do-it-yourself epoxy kits, but the value is drastically better. This is the last concrete coating you’ll ever need, backed by a 15-year residential warranty. 

Have more questions about our concrete coatings? Please let us know – we are here to help!