5 popular kitchen cabinet color trends

White is still the most popular cabinet color, so if you are looking for something tried and true, white’s an easy pick.  But there are so many other exciting, trending colors in cabinetry right now!  You might be surprised to see what’s out there if you are looking for a little zing in the room you spend the most time in. 

Ready for a little inspiration?


Blue is the favorite color of many of us–just ask a sociologist. The new kitchen blues are either light and airy like Windy Sky by Benjamin Moore or bold like Gale Force by Sherwin-Williams. Both are unique, stylish choices and will bring a fresh new look to your kitchen.


Believe it or not, earthy yellows are making an entrance. If you have always loved yellow but have been afraid it will be too bright or look too much like cream or ivory, try one of these organic yellow shades. You can check out Honey Bees by Sherwin-Williams or Ochre by Benjamin Moore. This is also a great color to try on your kitchen island to bring a pop of color to your neutral color palette.

Gray (and darker!)

We’ve been seeing pale gray cabinets in kitchens for a while, but these sultry, dark grays offer a new twist. Try Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams’ Peppercorn. There’s another trend that just might knock your socks off! You could go with an interesting, complex black. Benjamin Moore has excellent examples in Black Satin or Black Beauty. Be adventurous and paint all your cabinets black or use it as an accent color on your kitchen island or bathroom vanity.


Green is one of the most fashionable interior paint colors these days. The shades range from soft and sagey like Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams or October Mist by Benjamin Moore to a richer, forest tone like  Dard Hunter Green by Sherwin-Williams or  Laffayette Green by Benjamin Moore. These greens will have a calming, earthy effect on your kitchen and draw you in, not only to cook, but to spend time in your kitchen.

Whether you are looking for a little jingle or a big bang, there are some amazing paint colors to choose from to add some spice to your kitchen cabinets.  For more information or a quote, please contact us today.