Making a Small Bathroom Feel Larger with Clever Interior Paint and Design

We’ve talked before about putting bold paint colors in bathrooms, just for a little stylish fun. They’re inviting, make a statement, and a bathroom is a perfect place to contain a more vibrant color choice.

What about if you have a smaller bathroom? Is there a way to make the space feel larger? Absolutely! Interior painting is a powerful tool, and with a little strategy it can push walls apart and create the illusion of size that isn’t actually there.

Let’s take a closer look.

5 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

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  • White Paint Is Your New Friend – As much fun as bold colors are, white is a clean, stylish option that is ideal for smaller spaces. To add a little visual variety, try layering different shades of white through your choice in wall color, tile, fixtures, decorations, and towels.
  • Take Light Seriously – Shadows make a room feel small, so investing in plenty of lighting is a necessity. This is especially important if there is limited (or no) natural light. It might be worthwhile to look into a skylight or sun tunnel if there isn’t any space for a traditional window.
  • Avoid Large Vanities – If you can sacrifice the storage, invest in a pedestal sink rather than a larger vanity. This more slender alternative will open an amazing amount of space around the floor of your bathroom.
  • Floating Shelves and Furniture – In short, anything that touches the floor claims space. Floating, open shelving will keep your bathroom feeling uncluttered and less closed in.
  • Add Stripes – Thick, horizontal stripes will visually push your walls apart, just like vertical stripes make a ceiling feel taller. Why not make this optical illusion work to your advantage?

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