Exterior House Painter In Katonah, NY

Have you ever tried to touch up scratched paint, or maybe patch and blend a ding in your drywall? You might get it smooth if you’re careful, but perfectly matching the paint color can be a different story.

Regardless of the nature of your repair, the key is to make it seamless, blending flawlessly with the surrounding surface. 

In this case, our client in Katonah had just replaced a sizable section of siding, and asked us to paint it to match the rest of the home. 

Painting New Siding

Our team had no issue blending the new and original materials, coordinating with the contractor who handled the siding installation as well.

The results? Well, take a look!

Katonah exterior painter

exterior painting in Katonah NY

Planning Your Own House Painting Project in Westchester County?

We can help every step of the way. 

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As a local painting company with roots that go all the way back to 1906, we are focused on offering cutting-edge services with old-school craftsmanship and service. Clarity, communication, and quality always come standard, as well as a close focus on every detail. 

Our Westchester County House Painting Services

Here’s a closer look at our exterior painting services:

  • Wood, Composite and Vinyl Siding
  • Brick and Stucco
  • Doors and Windows
  • Fascia and Eaves
  • Wood and Vinyl Shutters
  • Architectural Woodwork
  • Decks and Railings
  • …and more!

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