Month: June 2017

interior painting tips NY

5 Essential Interior House Painting Tips

Despite what home improvement shows and DIY tutorials may say, house painting (inside or out) is not an easy process. The transformations may be alluring, but for the work to be done well it’s essential to have the right tools, products, knowledge, and experience. The first time you try to paint a straight line along…

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How Do You Choose a Paint Color for an Open Concept Space?

In decades past, rooms were divided into purpose-driven, defined spaces in many cases. Sitting rooms, dining rooms, parlors (if it’s really an older home), kitchen, etc… This made color selection a bit easier as you could simply stick with a theme or style that was specific to that one room. Today’s open-concept house designs, however,…

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interior painting touch-ups

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Interior Paint

After you’ve invested time and energy in transforming your interior paint, the next step is to protect and preserve those carefully-chosen colors. Life happens, bringing along scuffs, dings, and scratches as little mementos along the way. With the right preparation and proactive TLC, however, you can successfully keep your fresh paint looking fresh. Your Interior…

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choosing kitchen paint colors

Choosing a Paint Color for a Kitchen with Diverse Materials

Kitchens today are not only the hub of your home’s activity, but also your home’s style. Textures, patterns, and materials are available in unlimited supply, allowing you to piece together incredible, customized looks for this central space. Whether you love the cool, slick modern feel or eclectic country with reclaimed wood and a farmer’s sink,…

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