Year: 2020

Popular Interior Painting Projects for the Fall Season

As soon as the weather turns a little colder and we spend more time indoors, interior home improvement projects start to creep up the priority list. Dings, gouges, faded paint, dated rooms… They’re easy to miss when you’re spending time outside, but not so much now that you’re face-to-face with those tired surfaces.  Fall is…

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exterior painting service Hastings-On-Hudson NY

Is It Too Late for Exterior Painting in NY?

We know how it goes! Summer seems like it’s going to stretch on forever at first, but then accelerates with every passing week. This has been an especially unique season in so many ways, offering plenty of distractions.  Now, as summer winds down and fall is right around the corner, you might be facing a…

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garage floor that is grey with black speckles

Garage Floor Coating in Greenwich, CT

It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down! With fall fast approaching, now is a better time than ever to make sure your indoor spaces are fresh and ready to enjoy. And yes, that includes your garage!  Our 1-DAY concrete floor coatings are designed to help you maximize surfaces and areas in your home…

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house painter in NY

Exterior House Painting in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY

Let’s get this right out there: anyone can paint. Putting a product on a surface doesn’t require much skill or training.  Surprising start to a blog written by a professional painting company?  Here’s the reality, though: anyone can paint, but very few paint well. And painting well starts WAY before the first can of product…

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Your Best Option for Auto Shop Floor Coatings

Picking a new floor coating system for your auto shop?  There’s a lot to consider! Budget is of course important, but you also need to factor in: Durability Impact-resistance How long your shop will be out of commission (time is money!) Ease of maintenance Epoxy floor coatings have been a go-to option for commercial floors…

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Exterior House Painter In Katonah, NY

Have you ever tried to touch up scratched paint, or maybe patch and blend a ding in your drywall? You might get it smooth if you’re careful, but perfectly matching the paint color can be a different story. Regardless of the nature of your repair, the key is to make it seamless, blending flawlessly with…

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