Best Interior Paint Projects to Finish Before the Holidays

The holidays are coming and with them come party guests and visiting family members. You’ll be cooking amazing meals, hanging wreaths, and decorating a tree, maybe lighting a menorah.  Why not add to the joy by changing the paint in one of the spaces you and your guests are sure to enjoy this holiday season.…

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Get Inspired with Trending Fall Interior Paint Colors

Remember the fall days of youth?  Newly sharpened pencils, a new backpack, maybe even a new outfit or two?  These fall days aren’t all that different.  There is a need for small changes in the air as we unpack our socks and sweaters, bring out the warm, lap blankets, and burn spiced candles.  Why not…

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best season for exterior painting

What’s the Best Season for Exterior Painting?

The answer might actually surprise you…  There’s a LOT to factor in before painting the exterior of your house in NY or CT. Colors, product, necessary repairs, curb appeal goals, resale value, finding the right painting contractor… It’s a big deal and you want to get it right. Right? Here’s another factor: seasonality. Conditions, just…

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Project Spotlight! Garage Floor Coating in Larchmont, NY

Thinking about investing in a garage floor coating? There’s a lot to consider! On one hand, you have enticing do-it-yourself kits at the home improvement stores, offering rock-bottom pricing. There are also classic epoxy systems, with professional installers who make strong claims. But you’ve also heard about potential issues with epoxy floor coatings, like long…

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8 Calming Colors For Baby Nurseries

What’s trending for nurseries these days? As the generational pendulum swings, new parents have taken a step back from traditional baby blues and pinks of old and replaced them with more neutral colors. There are so many varieties available now, which has opened the door for a lot of creativity and nuance. Nursery decorating has…

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Top Questions About Our Concrete Floor Coatings

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve likely had painting done at some point or another. It’s a pretty common home improvement project! And, no matter who you had do the job, you probably know the general ins and outs of what to expect.  But what about concrete floor coatings? Maybe you have some questions, and you’re…

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