Year: 2016

Decorative Paint Finishes In Your Home

By now you are probably familiar with the power paint has to transform your living space, whether you’re putting a fresh coat of the perfect color on your walls or using it to give your cabinets a facelift. But interior paint is capable of so much more than a basic finish. Decorative finishes are a…

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6 Practical Tips for Ladder Safety This Fall

Don’t look now, but fall is coming! This means that in no time at all you might get the urge to wrap up a little exterior painting before the snow flies, pull leaves out of the gutters, or maybe hang those lights you’re famous for along the porch roof. And, there’s also a good chance…

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Do I Need to Use Primer?

Is it worth the extra step? When it comes to interior painting, or really any home improvement project, the tedious initial steps are no fun compared to those final stages when the magic really happens. Tearing a bathroom apart, for example, is just tiring (and sometimes scary) compared to watching the new vanity and that…

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Home Painting Tips – How to Keep Your Project Neat

When it comes to interior and exterior house painting projects, skill is definitely important. Watching an experienced pro cut a flawless line or efficiently transform a space is mesmerizing, especially if painting is a real passion of yours. Using the right products is crucial too, matching the ideal paint to your surface for your property’s…

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painted brick house

Can I Paint My Brick Home?

There’s no denying that brick is a popular, enduring building material here in Connecticut and New York. It offers a level of sophistication and natural warmth that flies higher than fickle trends. Over time, however, age and the elements get the best of us, and brick is no exception. If your home’s mortar is eroding…

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Before & After – Exterior Paint Transforms this Westchester, NY Home

We love the power exterior paint has to transform a home’s appearance. Not only does a fresh coat of paint make your home look its most beautiful, but it also serves as the first line of defense against destructive elements like water, mold, or insects. See how this Westchester home’s exterior paint choices resulted in…

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