Year: 2016

interior office painting

3 Reasons Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for Interior Office Painting

When property owners or managers consider the timing of their office update, winter typically isn’t the first season to come to mind. This is largely due to the outdated misconception that interior painting involves heavy fumes, lingering odors, and the need to throw windows open as often as possible. In reality, winter is a surprisingly…

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commercial painting maintenance plan

Why Consider a Commercial Painting Maintenance Plan This Year?

If you are a property manager, owner, or member of an HOA board, we know that you have a large number of responsibilities on your plate. Because of this, you are always looking for ways to delegate, streamline your processes, and still make sure that your property is well cared for. With all of the…

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home painting tips for 2017

12 Home Painting Resources

One of the best parts of a new year is the opportunity it creates for a clean, fresh start. This blank canvas leaves room for goals, ambition, and optimism to spur us on. And, there is one more thing that an empty canvas calls for perhaps more than anything else. Beautiful, vibrant paint. As you…

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chalkboard paint ideas

5 Practical Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint In Your Home

We’ve all seen trendy chalkboard paint being used in countless ways on social media and craft-related platforms. From colorful, custom coffee station signs to inspirational quotes on the wall, this paint has made a big splash on the home decoration scene. While we love these trendy designs and usages, we thought we’d take things a…

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painting a small room

Interior Painting Tips – How Should You Paint a Small Room?

Interior layouts in today’s homes tend to be open concept, with rooms flowing together and an emphasis on community spaces. This wasn’t quite as common in decades past. It wasn’t that folks were less sociable (although maybe that’s partly to blame), but mostly because rooms used to be dedicated to more specific functions than they…

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adding color to a kitchen

5 Easy Ways to Add Tasty Color To Your Kitchen

As we’ve discussed before, neutral colors are king these days. Well, they really are never out of style, but they are just particularly in style right now, enjoying renewed appreciation. The key is to add colorful flavor through well-planned, simple touches. And, there really is no better place to do this than the kitchen. Is…

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