Year: 2017

elderly care facility painting

Painting Services for Nursing Homes | CT and NY Painting

Like you, we believe in caring for the elderly with dignity and attentiveness. For us, that means providing nursing homes with painting services that promote the overall wellbeing of their guests. From the way we set up our equipment, to the paints we use, to the project cleanup, every aspect of the job is designed…

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painting a residence in Rye

Stunning Interior Painting Project in Rye, NY

We love our work for all kinds of reasons, and every project we work on has something to appreciate. That said, painting this house in Rye, New York stood out as a special treat! The grand scale and elegant design of this home made it a residential painting project to remember! As you can see,…

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Repairing and painting a home exterior in Goldens Bridge NY

Exterior Painting and Carpentry Repairs in Katonah, NY

While a challenging project requires more time and effort than an easy one, it can also be much more rewarding. When we painted the exterior of this condo in Katonah, we definitely had this experience. The painting process required many steps of surface repair and preparation, but the transformation was worth the effort! Exterior Painting…

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Can I Paint Over Wallpaper?

For anyone who has attempted wallpaper removal in the past, there may be an understandable hesitancy to trying it again. If there was an easier option, it could save a lot of tedious labor and frustration. So could it work to just paint over the wallpaper? Painting over your old wallpaper is a legitimate option,…

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do you know whether deck stain or paint will be more effective?

Is It Better to Paint or Stain My Deck?

What is that magic product that will look perfect on your deck and last halfway to forever? Unfortunately, there is no single product that is best for coating everyone’s deck, and nothing will be as perfect or permanent as we might wish. When you are trying to decide whether to paint or stain your deck,…

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We painted the exterior of this Bronxville Apartment

Painting the Southgate Apartments in Bronxville, NY

If I told you we painted an apartment in New York, your mental picture would be completely inadequate. The Southgate Apartments are more like something you would expect to see in Downton Abbey or Pride and Prejudice, rather than a set from Seinfeld or Friends. With 6-bed/4-bath apartments, this 6-story Tudor residence is prestigious, to…

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